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At Renaissance Hearing Center, we know what it means to provide our patients with exceptional service.  Everyday, we strive to exceed your expectations and make a memorable impression.  Curious to find out why our patients love working with us?  See what our patients have to say about their experience with us, and contact us today!
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Hi, I wanted to share an amazing discovery we made.  After dealing with many (sub par) hearing aid companies, we finally found an amazing company in Wildwood, FL.  Which was recommended to us... Renaissance Hearing Center 352-461-0219 Angelo Darby saved the day.  He is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient, very reasonably priced, and he cares about his clients.  He's an amazing Christian man with a heart of gold.  His office was very nice.  Small and impeccably clean.  Just how we like it!  He makes you feel important.  Unlike big companies which you feel more like a number, than a person.  He had modern equipment and very well versed and knowledgeable with it all.  You can tell he's been in business for a long time.  A+ ratings with the BBB.  My entire family and I highly recommend Angelo for any of your healing/ hearing needs.  You can even tell him that the Tyke family highly recommended him.

Lisa K
Spruce Creek South, Summerfield

If you are looking for help with new hearing aids or having your hearing tested, I highly recommend Angelo Darby! He fitted me with my new hearing aids and took his time to make sure that I understood all the features on my aids AND that they were programmed to perfection! If you like good customer service as well as quality products ……… Renaissance Hearing Center is the place for you!!

Becky Button
Bushnell, FL


I first met Angelo (the owner) when he worked for another local hearing aid company. He sold and fit my first aids, then followed up by tweaking and cleaning them once every three months. When he left, it was difficult to get an appointment with the new staff and when you did, the audiologist seemed like he was always in a hurry to get you out of the office.

Not so with Angelo. He is knowledgeable and always takes time to explain everything and answer all your questions. When I found he had started his own business I called him. He asked me to come over, saw me right away, and didn't even charge me. He cleaned and updated my hearing aids. With the adjustments he made, the improvement was noticeable immediately. I plan on seeing Angelo from now on. 5 STARS!

Roger Fink
The Villages, FL


I have significant hearing loss and have worn hearing aids since 2001. In my opinion, there are two types of Hearing Instrument Specialists.

The first type only wants to clean your hearing instruments and hand them back to you and tell they have been adjusted and all your problems have been fixed.

The second type is like Angelo. When I met him, what a breath of fresh it was. He actually listened to me and my concerns. He then worked on my hearing instruments, made the necessary adjustments to improve them and made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. The improvement was so dramatic I felt like I had just purchased new hearing aids!

Angelo also works with me on my schedule. When I call, he often sees me on the same day. No waiting a week or more to see him. I discovered early on that Angelo is one who really cares about how you hear. I could not be happier!

Phil Peregrine
Patient since 2017


If you need help with your hearing aids or need new ones, check out Renaissance Hearing Center. Angelo Darby is very honest and has high integrity. He won't try to sell you more hearing aid than you need. He will never pressure you and will give you all the time you need to get the right hearing aids. HIS PRICES ARE better than any you will find in The Villages. I was told by one dealer that they had to charge $500 more because he paid high rent in The Villages.

If you have Phonak hearing aids he can help you adjust them to get the very best hearing possible. Give him a try. Many of the ads in the paper are teasers just to get you in the front door. If you want the best hearing aid for the money go see Angelo Darby. Both my husband and I use him. My husband has used him for years when he worked for another company. Now he has his own business and we’re very happy to be with him!

Sue Peregrine
The Village of Lynnhaven


We were thrilled to find Angelo Darby and John Bullington at Renaissance Hearing Center in Wildwood. When we first moved to the area, we had trouble finding someone who took the time to adjust the clarity of our hearing aids. After a couple of tries, we found Angelo and John.

They understood our needs and took the time to be sure we had clarity and understood all the features. They worked with us for three years and never minded taking the time to check and adjust our aids as needed. Then COVID happened and the office where they were working shut down. It was difficult during that time for both of us to find help with our hearing aids.

We were both so thrilled to find out they opened their own office in an easy to get to location. Our hearing is now up to date and it’s great to hear conversations with clarity again. It is evident that they are there to assist people with hearing, not all about sales, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We highly recommend them if you are not hearing as well as you should.

Ron and Elsie Schmidt
The Village of Oxford Oaks


I characterize Renaissance Hearing Center as a place of Integrity, Service, and Caring.

Last year I recovered from surgical removal of an acoustic neuroma tumor which left me totally deaf in the left ear. As it was difficult to pick up sounds coming from the left side I went to Renaissance Hearing Center to evaluate what I may need to protect, and if possible, enhance the hearing in my good ear.

Their philosophy is to evaluate if a person has a need and, if so, fit them with what will help you “hear better”, not just push devices.

My provider, John Bullington, researched the technology available and later fitted me with a set of Phonak Bi-CROS hearing aids so sounds could be transmitted from the left to my better ear while also separately enhancing the sounds I hear in my right ear which needed some help as well. This gave me 360 degree sound coverage, something I didn’t think was possible with the deafness on my left side.

John also told me that if it didn’t help I could return them “no questions asked”. Well, I kept them because they worked! They pride themselves on having minimal returns because what they recommend you need “WORKS”. Best of all they take care of you for life, not just a one time sale. See John, he will take care of you and you won’t be disappointed.

Richard McLaughlin


I owned hearing aids already but didn’t wear them because they didn’t help.  That all changed with Angelo at RHC.  What a tremendous difference! I now wear them from morning til night.  These aids have had a positive impact on my life.  I can understand conversations and no longer ask people to repeat.  Angelo is all about helping people and I can’t thank him enough!

Judy Hartstein
The Village of Charlotte


After talking to friends and doing some research I made an appointment and met with Angelo Darby at Renaissance Hearing Center earlier this month.  I will say at first when I walked in the door I was not sure what to expect.  But I quickly found what I call home town service.  I got better, personable, 5-star service quickly in my first visit than I did with my last two hearing specialists.  Angelo Darby listened to my concerns and was very knowledgeable about products and hearing aid features.  I feel I got the best, most thorough hearing test I have ever had and was not rushed in any way.

My 2nd visit was to have my new hearing aids fitted to my needs and again Angelo Darby was very thorough and explained all my new features so I could understand each and had a chance to demonstrate them.

My 3rd visit was a follow-up to make sure I was happy with my new hearing aids and do any adjustments.  I also priced around while doing my research and found Angelo Darby at Renaissance Hearing Center has the best prices by far.  Angelo Darby at Renaissance Hearing Center puts his customers first – like service should be.  I would feel very comfortable seeing him in the town square and saying hi.

Lee Watts
The Villages, FL


Whenever I am researching a product purchase that impacts my retirement budget, as a former CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINER, inevitably, my customer service experience is the determining factor in whether or not I choose to make the purchase.

I rate Renaissance Hearing Center (RHC/Wildwood) at 5 STARS because this business exceeds my expectations by providing EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Accolades to Director, Angelo Darby; Mr. Darby has mastered the CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILL SETS.  He acquired these skills during his years as an educator and, in his current profession, as a board-certified hearing instrument specialist.  I have experienced his proficient customer service communication during my initial research consultation and, subsequently, during my follow-up appointments as a satisfied client at the Renaissance Hearing Center (RHC/Wildwood).  For a respectful, sincere, professional and thoughtful consultation as you research solutions for hearing difficulties, please consider beginning your inquiry where the following data-gathering processes are practiced:

ACTIVE LISTENING – to the experiences, anxiety, frustrations, and budget concerns conveyed by individuals experiencing hearing difficulties.

ACQUIRING DATA – by administering various pain-free hearing tests to pinpoint the areas, and the degree, of hearing loss.

SHARING DATA – by discussing the results of the testing, answering questions, providing information about the quality and reliability of the specific hearing aids that will alleviate the client’s degree of hearing loss. 

Renaissance Hearing Center (RHC/Wildwood) exemplifies a business model of high integrity, devoted to offering an experience that exceeds customer service expectations.  If you’re researching a provider for someone you know who has been experiencing hearing loss, don’t make a purchase decision until you’ve met with a board-certified hearing instrument specialist at Renaissance Hearing Center (RHC/Wildwood).  I was so glad I invested my time in doing the research; I am definitely pleased with my choice of product AND with this provider.

Rosemary Ross
The Villages, FL


Angelo Darby is the most professional person I've met in this industry.  Truly a Specialist.  He won't sell you something you don't need.  His Customer Service is Fantastic.  I won't go anywhere else.

Philip Rathburn
The Villages, FL


Angelo always remembers my name when I go in to get batteries.  When it was time for new hearing aids, he gave me the best deal I could get.  I have been very happy with the hearing aids I received.  There is no echoing or feedback like some other people complain about.  My wife is also a patient and they have always treated us great.

Ray Strand
Continental Country Club


For the past four years I have been a patient with Angelo Darby.  It has been a great relationship.  The products are outstanding and the level of service is phenomenal.   Each time I have visited I have been provided with very personalized attention.  The testing and follow-up care are very specific to my hearing needs and their level of knowledge is superb.  Kudos to Angelo!

Alexander Turnbull
The Villages, FL

I have worn hearing aids for a long time.  When I moved here several years ago, I found Mr. Darby by accident.  I was lucky!  You don't have to look any further for better hearing checks and service.  My husband now has had his hearing checked and wears aids.  We are both very pleased with the competent, professional, and caring treatment WE receive.  Renaissance Hearing Center in Wildwood is a good friend to all who may need help to hear better or for anyone who already wears hearing aids.

Patricia Watters
Bushnell, FL

After many years with my first set of hearing aids I realized that new technology would be an asset considering that I have a rather severe hearing loss in one ear. I started researching various hearing centers with the consideration that my health insurance policy does not include hearing aids but I wanted to purchase the aids that would offer me the technology I need. I was referred to Renaissance Hearing by an acquaintance who told me about how satisfied she was with the service and the hearing aids she recently purchased. The first visit with Angelo Darby just about sold me on feeling good about working with him and what he could do to give me the best hearing aids for my needs. He listened to my history with hearing aids and I listened to his background in the hearing aid field and I felt confident that I would receive both the service and technology I was seeking. Considering his office is outside the Villages, the pricing for the high tech Phonak aids were reasonably lower than other places I had been quoted. And I felt confident in my decision to purchase my hearing aids from him. In follow-up visits and phone calls, he has been extremely helpful in teaching me how to use the various options the aids offer, and takes the time and has the patience to work with me considering that from the first visit I explained to him that I am a "low tech" person.

Carole Taylor
The Villages, FL

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